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Scouts are people which have chosen to live a conscious and community-based life. This regularly includes hiking and scout camps, which are characterized by a simple daily life and being close to nature. But this is not camping because we do not need a lot of equipment since we often only use, what fits in our backpack.
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A bunch of wood gnomes?

Exactly! There are scouts troops that know tree climbing techniques and are found mostly in the tops of the woods.
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How do I become a Scout?

One becomes a Scout by promising to follow the Scout Law.You can find more information on the promise here. The first step is always to visit us and participate in Scouting.
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Do I have to believe in God?

We are Baptists and therefore we will sometimes hold services, talk about Jesus and pray before we start to eat. Of course, in the end everybody is free to believe what he likes to. There is no constraint.
Everybody is welcome to join us, no matter what he believes or if he is religious at all. Like that an open-minded and meaningful discussion is possible.
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They need to do a Good Turn everyday, don't they?

The Scout Movement in based on the book „Scouting for Boys“, written by Lord Baden-Powell. It actually says, that every Scout needs to do at least one Good Turn every single day. If he forgets it or isn’t able to do it for some reason, he must do to on the following day. It is only considered a Good Turn, if the Scout doesn’t get anything in return.

However, we will not force the elderly to cross the road with our help. The daily Good Turn isn’t a law, it is more of a guideline which motivates and helps us to be more help- and heedful. That’s why there is no one counting Good Turns in order to check if someone falls behind in doing them.

When you get up in the morning, remember that you have to do a Good Turn for someone during the day.
Tie a knot in your Scout scarf to remind yourself of it.

- Lord Baden-Powell, Chief Scout of the World

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What makes the Scout method special?

Despite its age, the Scout method has not changes a lot. For example, we are still wearing uniforms and we are organised in small groups so that everyone is an important part of the community. Additionally we are maintaining some old traditions. You can find more informations on the method here.
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Are the uniforms somehow military?

In fact, but less than is commonly adopted. In 1908 the british officer Lord Baden-Powell wrote about his idea of a youth movement in the book „Scouting for Boys“. This book is based on „Aids to Scouting“, which was originally meant for military units.

Although Scouting is thus originated from a military textbook, it now isn’t related to the army anymore. In order to create the necessary distance, we do not wear any camouflage. These types of uniforms remain explicitly reserved for soldiers.

A consistent clothing is still preserved not only by tradition. It compensates social differences. We do not care who is wearing the new Adidas sportswear, to us only the character and personality is important.

The scout kit, through its uniformity, now constitutes a bond of brotherhood among the boys across the world.
The correct wearing of the Uniform of the individual Scout makes him a credit to our Movement.
It shows his pride in himself and in his Troop.

- Lord Baden-Powell, Chief Scout of the World

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All in all, what is a Scout?

We are people who enjoy being outdoors and are eager to explore the world in order to experience unique adventures together. :)